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Return Policy

Return Policy

Product Returns & Changes

  If the user wishes to change or return a product, he has the right to do so within 15 (fifteen) days from the date of receipt, provided that the return is made with the cooperating courier company. (ELTA COURIER).


You make the return ONLY and EXCLUSIVELY with ELTA COURIER. Specifically, the customer must, together with the receipt he receives, contact the FREE 28 Men's Fashion Store by phone or send an e-mail to The address for all returns is: FREE WAVE, J. KENNENTI & PALAIOLOGOU 0, TRIPOLI , PC 22132, TEL .: 2710 227705. In order to return the products they must not be used, worn, washed, modified or damaged and the identification card together with all the designer labels attached to the product, together with all the accompanying documents (e.g. .x. Retail Proof). The user is obliged to try the product he bought without removing the tab, otherwise it is considered that the product is not in the same condition in which it was delivered and is not accepted. If all the above conditions are met, the FREE 28 Men's Fashion Store is obliged to replace the product with any other item desired by the customer. The returns of the products are made at the current price of each item on the date of receipt at the FREE 28 Men's Fashion Store by the courier. In case of change you make the return EXCLUSIVELY with ELTA COURIER and with our charge (ie recipient charge). Once the products are received and checked, we proceed to the change. The shipping costs of the new products are charged to the customer in the amount of € 5.00. In case of a second change, the shipping / return costs are charged to the customer in the amount of € 7.00.

Defective products

Defective products are those that have been damaged upon receipt or that show a manufacturing error within one (1) month from the date of purchase. Products that are damaged due to use and wear are not considered defective. All products with obvious manufacturing defects will be replaced with the same product, if available otherwise the customer can choose any other item desired. However, the FREE 28 Men's Fashion Store reserves the right, in case of controversial complaints, to return the products to the manufacturer for inspection, in order to clarify whether the complaint is real. The user will be informed about the progress of his complaint. Where possible, the FREE 28 Men's Fashion Store will repair the defective product.


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